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Sodexo & ERAU FAQ

How many years has Sodexo run dining services at Embry Riddle?

Sodexo has been the dining services for Embry Riddle for 17 years.

How does Sodexo rate food variety and quality inside the school?

Sodexo provides a wide variety with 11 different locations on campus that all accept meal plans and declining balances in addition to cash or credit. Sodexo expects high quality at all our locations. 

Are the products you work with high or poor quality?

Sodexo works with approved vendors to ensure the highest quality products are served. Our brand-name locations (Chick Fil A, Freshens, Starbucks, and Einstein's) all have additional standards that they meet in conjunction with our Sodexo standards.

Does Sodexo offer fresh, organic, and/or gluten free items?

At our Sodexo-brand locations we offer fresh, made from scratch products when possible because the quality is better. Some highlights are that we use shell cage-free eggs as a standard and have fresh produce and fresh meats delivered almost daily.

What are the plans for Sodexo within the new Student Union when it's finished?

We are currently working with Embry Riddle as they plan the new Student Center but there are no definite plans as the center is still in the preliminary stages of planning. Sodexo is excited for the future changes and plans on increasing their services to the student body.

Is there a process for receiving student feedback regarding the food provided?

Yes, we always accept feedback and there are multiple ways for student or faculty to provide us with feedback. Supervisors are present at all of our locations and our managers have an open door policy. Other ways to provide feedback are through Connections, our website, Facebook, Twitter, comment cards in the Student Center and Village, bi-annual surveys sent out through e-mail, our annual advisory board meeting.

If so, how are changes implemented in response to this feedback?

If feedback is submitted in person or electronically, the person responsible for the area reaches out to the person. Our comment cards are posted with responses. Our surveys and advisory board show us a broader range of suggestions and some of the things we have changed in the past from our feedback are offering fresh fruit as a side option, our switch to combo pricing, and offering more specials on a daily basis.

Approximately how many ERAU students are on meal plans?

Approximately 2000 students/faculty are on meal plans.

Are there any plans of expanding the amount of food offered? Perhaps creating a larger food court in the new Student Center? Or perhaps bringing businesses onto campus to sell food?

Since the new Student Center is still 2 - 3 years from opening, we do not have specifics yet however, we do know that we will have a larger space and we are currently considering new options as well as what we will be keeping.

Does Sodexo Dining Services provide food for any of the schools in the local area? For example, Bethune Cookman University or Mainland High School?

Locally, Sodexo also manages the dining services for Bethune Cookman University and Daytona State College.

Is Sodexo Dining Services partnered with the Chick-Fil-A on campus, or is it a separate entity?

Our Chick-Fil-A on campus is a licensee location which means that Sodexo is the company that holds the license but CFA is involved with maintaining their brand standards.

Embry Riddle has a very diverse campus population. What is Sodexo doing to try to satisfy all the tastes of the campus?

Sodexo offers daily specials and our current focus is New Year New You which is featured in the Food Court. Both the Food Court and Student Village Buffet offer varying entrees and rotate ethnic/cultural food in our menu rotation.

Embry Riddle also has a very health-centered culture within the student body. How is Sodexo satisfying the needs of these students in terms of healthy/organic offerings?

Sodexo is committed to the health needs of our students. Healthy and organic items are highlighted in the Food Court and Student Village as part of our "Mindful" program. These can include vegetarian, vegan, low sodium, local, and organic items. At our brand name locations, calorie counts are posted and healthy choices are available. In addition, any student on a meal plan that has additional dietary restrictions, like gluten intolerance, can be accommodated by contacting our general manager.
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