Plan Options

In order to meet your campus dining needs, we have designed the following meal plans for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

To purchase a meal plan, you can stop by the dining services office or simply contact Embry-Riddle Dining Services  at (386) 226-7927 or (386) 226-4931. All meal plans begin at orientation and end after final exams conclude each semester. Meal plans are non-transferable and cannot be used by anyone but the purchaser. 

Meal Plan Changes:
Please note that downgrading or cancelling your meal plan must be done within the 10 days after the first day of campus orientation for that current semester. Any unused meals and Sodexo Bucks will be refunded according to the original purchase method of payment. Mandatory meal plans cannot be cancelled. Red Baron meal plan cannot be cancelled once used. Upgrading a meal plan can be done at any time in the semester. 

 If you would like to upgrade your plan or make a change to the plan that you have already selected, you can stop by the dining services office, or simply call (386) 226-4931 or (386) 226-7927.

Sonic Cruiser - The Best Value 

This unlimited meal plan allows you to eat as often as you like! Unlimited meals in Student Village-All You Can Eat Dining- along with 14 meals per week at any of our other retail locations. This meal plan comes with $200 Sodexo Bucks. 

Price: $3,176

Hercules- A Better Value 

21 meals per week with $200 Sodexo Bucks. 

Price: $2,945

Top Gun Jet- A Great Value 

19 meals per week with $100 Sodexo Bucks. 

Price: $2,704

757 Express- Required for Freshmen 

14 meals per week with $100 Sodexo Bucks. 

Price: $2,269

Cargo Carrier 

12 meals per week with $100 Sodexo Bucks. 

Price: $1,949


Recommended for students not on campus during weekends. 10 meals per week with $100 Sodexo Bucks. 

Price: $1,713

Red Baron  

*Red Baron is non-refundable. This flexible Block Meal Plan allows you to eat when you want to! 112 meals to use all semester. 

Price: $1,132

Low Rider 

This plan is recommended for students, faculty, and staff on the go! 5 meals per week. 

Price: $813 

Dining Dollars
Dining Dollars are better than cash, because you receive a 10% discount at dining facilities! They can be used at any of our restaurant locations on campus. They roll over from semester to semester until you graduate or leave the school, and are refundable to your student account at any time. Dining Dollars can be purchased by stopping by the Meal plan Office located in the Student Center or online. Take advantage of what dining dollars has to offer today!

Purchase Dining Dollars Online Here
(Dining Dollars will be loaded on to your Student account within 24 hours of purchase. If purchased between Friday-Sunday, they will be loaded the following Monday)